Life can be challenging. Sometimes, we all need someone to help us navigate through problems and issues we can’t face alone. Maybe you’re stuck, wondering why relationships aren’t working for you? Perhaps you’ve been struggling with an addiction, or you just can’t seem to understand why life is so difficult and need a fresh perspective on what may be holding you back?


If that’s you, individual counseling may be just what you need. Our approach is client-centered and utilizes psychological techniques combined with Christian values. We work with clients of all ages, and have experience treating a number of issues, including:


- Adjustment Disorders

- Anxiety Disorders

- Attachment Disorders and Adoption-Related Issues

- Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

- Attention Deficit Hyperactive           Disorder (ADHD)

- Bi-Polar Disorder

- Blended Families

- Depression

- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

- Relationship Challenges

- Substance Abuse and Addiction

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder





Child Therapy

Our approach for child therapy at NOVA Christian Counseling involves play therapy and the empowerment of parent-child communication, attachment, and connection. We have experience treating:

- Anxiety

- Attachment disorders 


- Divorce/blended families

- Oppositional defiant



​Need to get away? NOVA Christian Counseling offers individual, couples, and family retreats that combine healing for the mind, body and spirit. Our office is conveniently located near Washington, D.C. and just a short drive to the peaceful Shenandoah mountains of Virginia. Contact us for more details and let us help you plan your next retreat.

Someone once said: “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” The reality is, we all experience hurt in our families of origin, and no family is perfect. Family therapy is an opportunity to experience emotional intimacy with each other in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We help family members dialogue with each other, develop empathy for each other’s struggles, resolve long-standing conflicts, and come to a greater place of healing and harmony in their relationships. Family therapy ranges from one-hour sessions, to one-day intensives, to multiple-day family healing weekends. 

God created us to live in relationship with each other, but He didn’t give us a step-by-step manual on marriage. The Bible contains much wisdom for how we are to conduct ourselves in relationship, but sometimes, there’s more to the story. God also reveals Himself in His creation, and through His works we can find truth in psychology.


In counseling, We integrate psychology and Christianity to help couple’s understand:


- How to communicate effectively

- How to fulfill their different roles

- How to fully experience the different types   of intimacy

- How to unconditionally love each other

- How childhood wounding contributes to     conflicts, and effective tools to work           through these issues

- How to set and maintain appropriate         boundaries

- How to work through difficult problems      and become stronger as a couple in the      process


Adolescence is a critical time in human development where young people are establishing an identity and figuring out who they are. It's an exciting time of growth, but is also full of crisis and turmoil. 


During adolescence, the brain's pre-frontal cortex is still developing, and because of this, younth are more prone to risk-taking and other potnetially harmful behaviors. While taking risks is a part of growing up, it's important for teens to have good mentors, teachers, and counselors to help guide them.


Our approach in counseling adolescents combines the latest scientific research on risk adoidance while helping youth to navigate autonomy and maintain their identity in Christ.


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